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Using social networks to target the right prospects, drive engagement, create website traffic and generate leads for businesses targeting B2B customers. I can help accelerate your business’ growth by optimizing your digital marketing strategies (with any type of budgets). By maximizing your marketing & advertising dollars effectively without wastage, I can expedite results & target exact demographics. Below are the type pf services I offer:

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I’m a B2B Digital Marketer

Hi, my real name is Vera and I’m the creator of “Digital Ella”. “Ella” simply” means goddess in Hebrew. Growing up, I’ve always loved beautiful sites, views, imageries and exploring the digital world. I also have a passion for helping SMB and start-ups with their B2B digital marketing as the trend is becoming much bigger and I’m proud to say I’ve helped shaped a few MNCs in fine tuning their B2B digital space.

Just before starting ”Digital Ella”, I was working for world’s largest hospitality company, Marriott International, for more than three years as a B2B digital marketing manager. During my time with Marriott, I was responsible for driving leads & managed B2B marketing campaigns for over 700 hotels in Asia Pacific. Deciding on imageries, types of content on FB, Instagram & LinkedIn were part of the strategies for lead generation.

Let’s work together and transform your social media feeds. Feel free to use the “Sign Up Here” form below, or simply leave me a message on the “Contact” page or the message app.

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I provide digital marketing the practical way! Why Choose Digital Ella as Your next B2B Digital Marketing Consultant?

These days, businesses are about cost-saving yet, going digital bilaterally. My expertise comes with working in MNCs over the past 10 years in B2B (view my LI profile here). I’ve learned over the last few years that using digital tools to elevate your brands do not need to be expensive; moreover, it is not necessary to tap into various platforms all at once. By setting up correctly your analytic tools and using the right data to target your exact type of targeted audiences on social, along with visuals and strategies, I can help you to grow followers, engagements and generate more leads.

My proven methodology ensures that we get smart quickly about your business concepts & digital goals, so I can translate them into meaningful market positioning, compelling brand messaging and lead-driving strategies. I have a fresh approach that can help you distinguish your brands in your marketplace.

The Path

  At Digital Ella, we make it simple for your B2B digital marketing strategies.

I’ll work to understand your goals and provide seamless integration with other components of the consumer experience to ensure growth in your digital space. Spend some time reviewing my site. If you feel like we’d be a great match for each other, let’s hop on a all to discuss your needs & take it to the next step

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