3 New Social Platform Features You Need To Know About Before 2020 Ends

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3 New Social Platform Features You Need To Know About Before 2020 Ends
(updated on Dec. 30th, 2020)

There’s always something new in the social media world!! As we’re coming towards end of 2020, a few social platforms have launched some feature upgrades, which could prove important for the year ahead in 2021. Moreover, what’s minor to a person or business could be a major game changer to someone else. As part of my ongoing effort to provide latest social media news & insights, I’d like to share the following 3 updates on 3 major platforms:

1. Using LinkedIn Stories to Promote Your Business

You can probably guess that the “Stories” feature on LinkedIn is similar to the same feature on Instagram, where users can share images or videos that last for just 24 hours. Here’s a blog post written by Pete Davis, LinkedIn’s Senior Director of Product Management, where he mentioned that this new feature will be great for encouraging more conversations on the platform. Furthermore, companies can share real-time updates, host live Q&A sessions with users, and share product announcements or new features.

2. Google Launches Updated Google Analytics, Including Improved Reporting and Data Tracking Options

One of the new features I like is the ability to predict rising demands due to new customer needs. Google Analytics can now provide new ways to monitor and track key data trends and alert marketers and business owners to new opportunities. You can read all about it on Google’s blog here and but the future of Analytics will be all about connecting the dots for you & your businesses and provide more valuable insights to your websites.


3. Facebook Shops Introduces Discount Feature

Facebook had announced back in October 2020 that they’re adding several new ad tools to help retailers make the most of the holiday season for 2020. If you’re a Facebook Shop owner, you can now offer discounts and deals to your potential buyers and customers, once they’re at your digital storefront. Nevertheless, if it becomes a success in the U.S, this functionality could be available worldwide by 2021. If you want to see how you can create a discount offer on Facebook later when this features is available in Asia or wherever you are, the link here may be able to give you some tips & tricks. Learn more about setting up discounts using the Facebook Commerce Manager here. That’s all I have for you today! Happy Halloween everyone!! Feel free to Contact Me if you have any social media or digital marketing related questions.


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