5 Self-Care Tips for the Solopreneur during the Pandemic

5 Self-Care Tips for the Solopreneur during the Pandemic

I cannot believe we’re almost in October 2020 already!! When looking back at the year, there has already been so many memories flooding our minds. From the hard and trying times of COVID-19, which is new for everyone, to the transformational moments that shifted our lives into the new normal. One thing for sure, face masks, hand sanitizers, the toilet paper shortage saga and no hugging your close friends during “SD” (aka social distancing) were probably on your top ten most memorable things. Mental and physical wellness has been at a bigger play for our lives during this pandemic too.

For some of us being in the travel or hospitality industry, we’ve probably shifted into the solopreneur/ entrepreneur arena after being forced to choose between staying furloughed or leaving behind our jobs until things get better. It is hard to keep a sound mind and spirit as we tread unfamiliar territory with an unknown future. As anxiety and stress are at an all-time high, practicing self-care has been an all-time low.

While under normal circumstances, we would be able to go out for dinners with large groups of friends, grab some drinks, go to the gym or get pampered at spas. Yet, how do we navigate alternatives until our lives get back to yesteryears? I’ve created a custom self-care routine for everyday without compromise. I hope to inspire some of you out there who are working on your own projects or as a solopreneur/ entrepreneur ๐Ÿ™‚ .


Here are my 5 self-care tips for the solopreneur during the pandemic to keeping a sound mind:


1. Become friends with breakfast and don’t get “H A N G R Y”.

There are so many saying that breakfast isn’t a big deal whether you eat it or not (ever heard of the 10 or 12 hour fasting? Or the 8 hour eating window / 16/8 intermittent fasting?). There are more benefits to breakfast than you may know, and those benefits can help you during this pandemic. The purpose of breakfast is to well, break your body’s fasting from recharging itself overnight. Essentially, breakfast was made to jumpstart your day AND your metabolism! By our metabolism increasing, we can burn more calories throughout the day. Having breakfast in the morning also gives our bodies the nutrition it needs, to place us in a better mood with less anxiety. And honestly, who wants to talk to a “HANGRY” person when they start their days?


2. Establish a morning routine.ย 

Since WFH started back in February for me and now I’m out of my 9-5 job, establishing a morning routine gets me feeling more energized and ready to get work done! This includes making my Starbucks Cappuccino from my Dolce Gusto machine and turning on my TV or music before working on Digital Ella. What type of music to do you listen to while getting ready? Here are some Spotify playlists that could brighten up your mood – Upbeat Morning by Popsugar or Get Turnt, RapCaviar by Spotify may get you go lit.

If you’re like me where you need some discipline in your life and felt like your life is not really in order since WFH, or as a solopreneur, chances are you probably want a morning routine to get your day going and decrease stress. If you have a great morning routine you’d love to share, please comment below.


3. Get fresh & dressed up

I know this tip may seem so obvious but ever since the pandemic started, it caused many people to live a full-time virtual life, people are showing up in their pajamas (by the way, have you watched the Apple commercial about WFH? If you haven’t, you’ve GOT to watch this!) This may seem the most comfortable, just know your mood, personality, and persona, is directly connected with how you prepare yourself in the morning.


4. Set goals and try to stick to your task list.

By creating a set your goals and create weekly task list, you can really focus on what needs to get done & prioritize the most important tasks. Too many times, our focuses had been taking away by text message or email alerts, or other important things in like family matters you may need to deal with in an instant. Nevertheless, setting your daily goals and breaking them out into multiple tasks is that you’ll have fewer decisions to make throughout your day. I’ve got some weekly planning templates you can download here.

Did you know that our decision-making ability is a depletable resource?ย  Moreover, when we have drained from our internal resources, we enter decision fatigue. Take some time out to think through what works best for YOU and go with your gut feeling. I know this may sound a bit obvious but an attempt to limit the number of decisions we make throughout our day, is probably also a form of self-care.


5. Be patient and kind to yourself.

Being patient and kind to oneself is one of the most vital forms of self-care, but is often forgotten. This COVID-19 pandemic has struck the nerve of everyone in some way. This is new to all of us and we will plan and prep but forget and mess up. Things will not turn out to be exactly the way we’d want and probably get a massive dose of imposter syndrome. As all of us are treading through 2020, let’s stay grounded, diligent, consistent, forgiving, and kind toward ourselves. The key to self-care for us, solopreneurs during a pandemic is overcoming our fight within. Feel free to holla back if you have other tips!! Stay safe everyone! Xoxo