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in planning your B2B digital marketing strategy. Let’s get started….


Consultation by email or Skype call on digital &
social media strategies  with questionnaire to identify key needs


Social calendar content & strategy planning; content creation for posting / industry related content; evaluation of analytics


Analyze, optimize, set subgoals & re-strategize game plan for better performances & ROI

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Social Selling Tips & Tricks

Look your best on professional platforms such as LinkedIn® and other similar platforms

Social media has provided B2B brands and businesses with platforms to engage with their customers. Instead of using social platforms to share relevant content to your existing customers , you use social media to find and convert valuable leads. Social selling is essentially the next iteration of cold calling. With social networks, the abundance of data available throughout the process makes it easier to identify valuable prospects and improve conversion rates. Contact me to learn more on how you can generate leads and gain interactions with By leveraging social media to interact potential customers with social selling  now the way to drive new leads, foster relationships, and improve overall productivity.

Social Media
Strategy Services/ Content Planning for SMBs & Start-Ups

Specialized in B2B marketing for new start-ups & SMBs
Unlike other marketing agencies, I understand that creating messaging for B2B businesses or start-ups is a long-term game of strategy, not just cranking out day-to-day content. I’ll be laser focused, on developing your B2B social media presence rather than other marketing agencies who has too many large corporate accounts they have to serve. As an individual digital marketing consultant for B2B, I’ll work to understand your goals and provide seamless integration with other components of the consumer experience to ensure exponential growth for your business.
À la Carte Social Media Services
  • Personal profile development & recommendations/ optimization
    (for social selling purposes)
  • Social post content development
  • Hashtag research and strategy
  • Social media planning & advertising
  • Strategy and recommendations for new & existing
Sample Work/ Portfolio

Sample Work/ Portfolio

Social Media Account Management (Theme set-up & post creation) 

Promoting Domestic Travel
(featuring Kaohsiung, Taiwan)

Home Decor Shop – IG Posts

Facebook Content Creation

Food/ Wellness Content

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